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We concentrate our services on three clear areas where our team owns vast expertise: technology support, operations, and Digital Transformation. These three areas jointly contribute to the safe and smooth airport business.

In our understanding, a “Guru” is not just an expert but also a teacher and a guide. We take this role seriously and aim to promote our values and working culture wherever we collaborate.

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Experienced in all kinds of Airport Systems across their whole value chain

ICT and Security Master plan - Concept/Detail Design – Systems specifications – ICT Design Peer Review - Master System Integration (MSI) RFP process support (conduction, evaluation… etc.) - PMO/Technical supervision during systems design, implementation, testing and commissioning - ORAT support For Operational systems (AODB, RMS, FIDS, CDM, PAVA, CUTE/CUPPS/CUSS…) – SAS (PBB, PCA, GPU, VDGS, IASS…) – Data & Voice Communications (LAN, WLAN, TETRA) – Infrastructure Systems (BHS, BMS, PARKING, SCADA…) – Security Systems (CCTV, ACS, PBS, HBS… etc.) - General Systems (CRM, IPTV, CMMS, Master Clock…) – Operational infrastructures (AOCC, SOC, ECC, Datacenters… etc.) – Airfield equipment (NAVAIDS, AWOS, ILS, DME, DVOR, NDB, SSR, MSSR, SMR, MLAT… etc.) - ATC Tower (Remote/Virtual Tower, ground-air communications, Flight plans p
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Making airports work efficiently

Concepts of Operation (CONOPS) – Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) – Airport Organization assessment – Operation Handbook – Method Statements – Master Plan – Infrastructure Dimensioning – Airport Processes Flow Engineering – Security/Safety plans generation – Processes simulation – Certification related assessments – Safeguarding – Safety Management Plan – Aerodrome manual – Safety cases – Airfield Equipment Certification – Training
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Digital Transformation

Supporting airport smart technology adoption

Due Diligence – Operational Feasibility assessments for technology implementation – Support on new digital processes/procedures implementation - Processes vs ICT analysis (gap analysis) - Automation Enhancement - Processes optimization - Processes digitalization - Data availability improvement, assessment and exploitation - Market surveys/benchmarking - Formal witness on Airport ICT and operations - Revenues enhancement – Innovation roadmaps elaboration (Single token/One-ID, Virtual queuing, passengers digital channels enhancement, passenger experience improvement… etc.) – Business continuity assurance
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